Phone for sale

Huh, I was the last person to post here as well.  
I have moved, found a place on Avenue C near 33rd.  Unfortunately, my phone, which I love, is less than a year into a three year plan with Rogers, and it will cost an exorbitant amount to cancel it.  My job has me driving out of the city a lot, so I really need a phone with better rural coverage.  
So, if anyone is looking for a phone, or knows someone who is, I have a great deal. You can take over my phone and contract for the low low price of $0 Here's what you get:

Samsung Focus phone, in near perfect condition, with a Zagg Invisishield screen protector installed. 
LG Optimus tablet, barely used, with Zagg Invisishield screen protector installed
Charging cables for both

Current plan is $86/month, which includes 1 gig between both devices, MY10 Canada wide talk and text, unlimited texting, unlimited evenings and weekends, 200 daytime minutes, and a bunch of stuff I never use. You can change the plan however you want once you have it in your name.

Contact me here, or by email at

Where to live

Hi, My boyfriend has just gotten a job in Saskatoon, and we are not really familiar with the city.  He ill be working near the airport, but will have a car, so he can commute, but if bussing is an option he would prefer that.  We've heard that the rental market is similar to the one here in Winnipeg, in that there is a super low vacancy rate, so good places go quickly.  Does anyone have any suggestions on places to live?  Neighbourhoods or rental agencies to look for or avoid?  He will be going out there within the next few weeks, and doesn't ant to spend a lot of time in a hotel.

Airport and bus questions!

Hey everyone!

I will be travelling to Saskatoon for the first time this Friday. I will be taking the greyhound from Lloydminster at 4:55 pm... to line up with my flight at 7:00 am the next morning...which means I will have a ton of time to kill! A smart person would get a room for the night, but I don't trust myself to sleep for a couple hours without missing my flight. So, my first question is does the airport allow people to stay there overnight? And is there anything to do in or around the airport overnight? 

Next question is bus related. I have to work on Friday, and am really worried the greyhound will fill up, because its a Friday afternoon before Christmas. Anyone have any experience with this happening, and what the station does in that case? If they make me wait until the next bus (3am) I will miss my flight.

Thanks for any help or advice, and I look forward to visiting Saskatoon for the first time, even if its short and at night!
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Vet recommendations?

I'm looking for a new vet for my three cats. We used to take them to Martensville and while I absolutely loved the staff, I found the drive to be too stressful for them, especially the older cats. We're currently at Westward Animal Hospital, but they just can't seem to help one of the older cats with a recurring problem, so I'd like to get a second opinion (preferably not within the Animal Care Group). Recommendations, and extra points for vets that have possibly found mystery illnesses in cats before?
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She's found!!! :)

Small (8lbs), black short haired kitty. Kinked tail.  Very shy and timid (indoor only cat!).  She got loose sometime yesterday.  We live in River Heights area, around Pembina Avenue/Spadina.

If anyone sees her, please please get in touch or call 380-1035.  Thank you!!! 

She's been found and is home safe and sound :) 
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(no subject)

Can anyone in Saskatoon recommend a good friendly, female doctor? 

I want someone with good bedside manner who is very thorough and caring, unlike my last doctor.  I've checked out all the available doctors on the health region site, but I'm really not comfortable with most of them after reading reviews and finding out wait time is 2+ months.


Female wanted to share two bedroom apartment

I am a 22 year old female accountant looking for a quiet female student or professional to share a two bedroom apartment on the east side.

Available May 1, 2010
811 Wollaston Cres, third floor
Rent is $450 a month plus utilities

- No smoking
- No dogs/cats or loud pets
- Coin operated laundry
- Street Parking
- One block from bus route

Close to parks, 8th St, and lakewood shopping centre (Extra Foods, Shoppers Drug Mart). It is only a 20 minute drive to downtown and the Stonebridge shopping centre is 10 minutes away by car.

Please phone at 306-281-5332, email (, or send me a message.